Mortality by OPM Tragedy – Separatist Movement

West Papua News – Becoming a part of the Republic of Indonesia, the Free Papua Movement (OPM) /free west Papua has begun to operate. The movement is associated from the history of Japanese colonialism in the Papua region.

In similar time with Japan’s withdrawal, the Dutch changed the Papua Battalion to Nederlandsch Indie Civil Administratie (NICA) in effort to seize the colony. The establishment of NICA purposes to fight Indonesian side in time with military aggression between Indonesian and Netherlands. When west Papua conflict pulled over United Nations attention, The Dutch launched the Papoea Vrijwiligers Corps (PVK) which contains Anti-Indonesian soldiers. This corp were trained and holding weapon west Papua independence.

To find stories from the government side, is not so easy, since the media especially international ones, are more inclined the West Papua news from the activists perspective. However, this is not a big deal since any political group does and should have the right to access media coverage, everywhere in the world.

The establishment of Free West Papua Movement (KKSB) leads to a terrible massive threat between January until August. Here are we present timeline of death by west papua conflict:

  1. It was exactly during January until august 2018 there have been 18 shootings undertook by OPM, an armed separatist group in papua and west papua indonesia
  2. On june 25, 3 unarmed civilians were killed, 2 injured
  3. On june 27, 3 were killed in connection to the election
  4. On august2, 2 police officers got shot while riding on a motorcycle
  5. On august 19, 2 people died while distributing food aids

Tu sum up,  20 have died in the hands of opm during january until August 2018.

Dealing with the rebellion in Papua, the millitary did cruel ways of dealing with the rebellion in Papua. Thus, this incident become a dark history in the minds of the Papua people which was handed down from generation to generation. They think that  Indonesia is brutal and cruel.


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