How to get to Mount Bromo through Malang or Surabaya

How to get to Mount Bromo through Malang or Surabaya. Many ways to reach Mount Bromo. recommends two main stop alternatives that can be reached by air, namely through Surabaya or Malang.

How to get to Mount Bromo through Malang or Surabaya

How to get to Mount Bromo through Malang or Surabaya

To Mount Bromo via Surabaya-Probolinggo-Cemoro Lawang

Arriving at Juanda Airport, use Damri bus to Bungurasih Surabaya bus terminal. From here use the bus to Jember or Banyuwangi and ask the conductor to get off at Probolinggo.

Until the Probolinggo terminal, you can use village transportation with a colt type car to Ngadisari Subdistrict. Ngadisari, together with two other villages, namely Wonotoro and Jetak, is a hillside area of ​​Cemoro Lawang, the closest village to Mount Bromo. All three were surrounded by mountains. The western part is bordered by the sea of ​​sand, Mount Batok, and Mount Bromo. Facing north to east, lined with Mount Lingga (Penanjakan), Brak, Lengkong, and Mount Ringgit. While in the south, Mount Pundak Lembu rises.

Residents in these three villages still hold fast to their customs and the majority are Hindus. In Ngadisari there are many choices of places to stay and fill the stomach. From here you can also arrange a jeep car rental to get to Pananjakan and the area around the national park.

To Mount Bromo from Malang-Tumpang-Gubugklakah-Ngadas-Jemplang-Mount Bromo

An interesting route from Malang is the route which is 53 kilometers away. The climb is quite steep. However, the easy journey paid off with a beautiful and stunning natural treat.

Gubugklakah is a small village which is an apple-producing region. Entering this area, views of the apple plantation deliver a trip to Ngadas which is increasingly winding, climbing, and entering the forest. Cool atmosphere and green expanse of mountains replaces the views of apple plantations. The closer the Ngadas Village is, the more hilly surfaces are seen again.

Some travelers accidentally stop at the Coban Pelangi waterfall which is no less beautiful after passing Ngadas. From here then meet the Jemplang junction, which determines the direction of the steps. Go straight to Ranu Pani — the starting point for climbing Mount Semeru — and left towards Bromo. From Ngadas to Pananjakan it will take about an hour.

The route from Ngadas invites explorers to pass through the savanna route first and then to the sandy sand and Bromo crater. But if from Cemoro Lawang, the opposite route….

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