Bromo Sunrise Tour, Mandatory Trips When Visit Mount Bromo

Bromo Sunrise Tour, Mandatory Trips When Visti Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is one of the mountains that is still active and is at an altitude of 2,340 above sea level, the charm of tourist objects from the Tengger Mountains is truly extraordinary and full of memories and incomparable beauty. many traveling lovers say “never say ever to East Java if you have never set foot in the mountains Tengger”.

Mount Bromo is a natural tourism object that is increasingly hunted by domestic and foreign tourists, the location of this tourism is in the four districts in East Java, Malang, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Probolinggo. Many people say the most ideal place to see the beauty of the sunrise above the mountaintop, but it is not easy to climb a mountain, but in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo is different. We do not have to bother climbing the mountain, because in Tengger area there is no need to do a hiking just by using the jeep transportation tool Bromo travelers can get to the point of seeing the sunrise in the mountains of Tengger.

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Bromo Sunrise Tour, Mandatory Trips When Visit Mount Bromo

How to Get Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

The tourists do not need to bother to ride a jeep from a place, because in the Tengger area there are lots of rental of 4WD (4 wheel drive) Bromo Jeep which is ready to take us up to Mount Penanjakan (climbing 1 Bromo) to see the sunrise (Sunrise ) or better known as bromo midnight.

To see sunrise or bromo sunrise tour we will usually be awakened by jeep drivers or bromo inn owners (hotels, homestays, villas) climbing the peak of climbing with private cars is prohibited, because it is quite dangerous, besides that there is a risk of slippage in the sea of ​​sand. Indeed, sometimes we still find desperate cars, but it does not need to be imitated, let the experts guide us.

We leave at around 3:00 a.m. to get to the mountain climbing. The track begins with down the hill then the sea of ​​sand, after which the track will immediately climb steeply, up to the top of the climb.

The Tengger Mountains are spectacular and also full of beautiful attractions as if the greeting of the caldera and the beautiful view of the bromo crater, the mountain shell and the mountain Semeru nen including the highest mountain in Java. So don’t expect this mountain to be quiet, especially on weekends or major national holidays. because when it’s time for sunrise to climb. the sunrise hunters are ready to capture the moment “the famous sunrise”. Both with a pocket camera and a professional camera.

If you visit Mount Bromo Tourism, do not forget the equipment such as jackets, hand shirts, masks and shall, because the weather here is very cold and very beautiful. So few articles about Bromo Sunrise tour usefull for you. If you intend to travel for surabaya bromo tour we are is ready to help you travel according to the bugdet you have, to book a bromo tour package, bromo malang holiday tour, bromo holiday crater ijen tour please visit

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