Another Useless Petition to Sign to Free Papua from Indonesia

Not long ago, there is another petition that many people in Papua sign. This petition is a bit similar with the rejected petition some years ago by some free west Papua groups in Papua for United Nation. It is to free the Papua from Indonesia. However, there are a lot of people who think that the petition will be another useless thing to sign. That is because there are some odd things related with the petition that those groups has signed.

For the start, it is very strange that the people in Papua want to separate from Indonesia while there is another more important issue to handle. It is the human rights issue. You cannot deny that from the west Papua news, human right is always an issue in Papua. That is why the current President of Indonesia wants to deal with this issue as soon as possible. Can you imagine if the issue stays there when Papua is already independent? Nothing can help to solve this issue. The next thing is the fact that the petition was rejected some years ago. A country does not stand in a night. It needs a lot of time and those groups should consider why the previous petition was rejected. After they have covered all of those things, they will be able to know what they have to do.

The last thing that made the petition might be something useless is the fact that not all of the people in Papua signed the petition. This is one simple west Papua conflict that they have to deal first. That is because if there is a conflict on the internal of people in Papua, the freedom and independence will never be obtained. This is something important that many nations around the world highlight about the petition to free west Papua from Indonesia.


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