Natural Wonders to Include in Mount Bromo Package Tour

Natural Wonders to Include in Mount Bromo Package Tour . Most people go to Bromo just to watch the famous sunrise, but it is a miss to not see the natural wonders around. Not many places to visit are included in an average bromo tour package. If you have more time in visiting Bromo, the following natural wonders are worth to consider. The waterfalls around Bromo are relaxing and peaceful. The most popular one is Madakaripura waterfall, but Kedung Amis, Watu Lawang, Triban, Umbulan, Coban Trisula, Sumber Pakis II, Kali Pedati, Coban Pelangi, and Darungan waterfall are as amazing as Madakaripura. Those waterfalls are mostly located in Probolinggo the same regency where Bromo stands. Instead of going to a mainstream waterfall, why don’t you visit the new ones?

Natural Wonders to Include in Mount Bromo Package Tour

Area around Bromo is also blessed with stunning lakes. Ranu Pani, Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Klakah, Taman Hidup, Ranu Segaran, Ronggojalu, and Ranu Darungan are the lakes you need to include in your surabaya bromo tour package. After getting hot watching sunrise, cool your body down by sitting near the lakes. Other than the lakes and the waterfalls, there are some hills impressive views. B29 is most popular one, but Cinta, Montigen, Argopuro, Teletubbies, and Penanjakan hill are so recommended. The famous blue fire is also worth to visit. Located in the same park that is Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, it is a miss just to visit one mountain.

Bromo Tour package

Those are recommended places to be included in your bromo tour package. Including those wonders are same with adding more fun in the tour, but don’t forget also to visit and enjoy the must-visit natural wonders on Bromo such as Bromo’s crater, Bromo savannah, and the hissing sands. One more thing, no one considers you as a Bromo visitor, if you have not witnessed the golden sunrise. So manage the time carefully to visit all the wonders.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide

Entering the dry season that occurred in mid-year is the best time to make the climb because the terrain will be more easy to pass than climbing in the rainy season. One of the mountains is often used as an object of climbing for the climbers of Mount Rinjani Trekking located in West Nusa Tenggara precisely on the island of Lombok. In climbing on Mount Rinjani there are 3 choices of paths that you can choose according to your taste. The 3 lines are

Senaru Line: This path is famous for its extreme terrain, you will through the wilderness, wilderness and some other extreme terrain. Therefore for those who like the challenge often choose the path of Senaru to make the climb

Sembalun Line: the track is famous for its vast savanna fields so for those who choose this Sembalun pathway it should be able to withstand a very hot sunburn especially during the day. But the advantages Sembalun path is more easily passed because the path is not too uphill, so suitable for climbers beginners who want to conquer Mount Rinjani

Torean Line: This line is dominated by plantations and fields around Rinjani. This path is also often passed by residents who want to fishing or bathing in hot water baths near Segara Anakan. But this path is still very rarely passed by the tourists because the climbers mostly prefer the path Sembalun and Senaru line.

In the climb you should do it in the dry season or mid year because it is the best time to climb. Then you need to prepare climbing equipment such as sweaters, hiking shoes, food supplies, lighting or headlamp and so on. Avoid carrying items that are not very useful during the trip. In addition you also need to pay attention to health and other safety equipment so that during the climbing process run smoothly and safely. Physical and mental you should also prepare before climbing Mount Rinjani because the journey will be very tiring.